Simply Dental Fact #36

Lying through your teeth doesn't count AS flossing

Let's be honest. We know we don't always take care of our teeth as good as we should. Sometimes a crown or root canal is necessary. Right now we are offering to both NEW PATIENTS a great deal to help them take care of their dental work.  Contact us to schedule your work and you will receive $100 OFF any MAJOR dental work you need.  

For you newbies to our office, this includes a FREE 2nd Opinion Visit. That way if you recently saw another dentist and want to be sure you need that crown, come see us for a quick consult. After visiting our office we hope you'll take advantage of the $100 OFF any MAJOR dental work at our office (assuming we agree you need work done during that FREE 2nd Opinion Visit).

Don't procrastinate that dental work any longer. It will only get worse and more expensive. Call us at 801.253.3900 to book an appointment.

*Call 801.253.3900 for   more details.

*Call 801.253.3900 for more details.



Dad & Daughter 3

SAVE $100.